Friday, April 29, 2011

Nude lipsticks by Revlon and Estee Lauder and FOTD

Yes, again, nude lipsticks. I can't help buying them :) Well, I've heard a lot about Revlon Soft Nude lipstick, and finely decided to give it a try. I also bought Elf lip balm in Peaceful Pink, and I didn't expect it to be that pretty! I like it so much !

Revlon Colorstay lipstick in Soft Nude
The lipstick is very creamy, pigmented and appears the same color on my lips as it is in the tube. Though I thought it would be a little more pinky.. But, fortunately,  it looks quite nice on me, and it doesn't wash me out. (I'm NC15 in MAC)

Elf Lip Balm SPF 15 in Peaceful Pink
 The packaging of this balm is HUGE! And it's heavy. But for me these are the only cons.

As for the pros, it's very smooth, creamy, moisturizing, pigmented and glossy. The next good thing is that it's not sticky at all! I also love the color I got - I can describe it as delicate pink. And I like the smell of it too - it smells like coconuts and vanilla to me. I'm planning on buying more colors from this line, they are only 3 dollars!

Left-Right: Soft Nude, Peaceful Pink

Here is Revlon Soft Nude on my lips
 I also ordered Estee Lauder Pure Color lipstick in Vanilla Truffle as I've heard a lot about it too. Actually I wanted to buy it long ago, but it was out of stock on their site, but now they released it again as a part of the limited edition line. I received it yesterday, and I noticed that it looks like Revlon's Soft Nude lipstick, I made their swatches so you can compare them by yourself.

 The packaging is very nice - it looks very high-end and I like how it shows the color underneath!
It applies very pigmented,creamy and it doesn't contain shimmer.
Estee Lauder Pure Color lipstick in Vanilla Truffle

from left to right: Estee Lauder Vanilla Truffle, Revlon Soft Nude

In my opinion, Soft Nude is a little more orange while Vanilla Truffle is more pink. But they are of the same intensity and on my lips the look absolutely the same! The main difference is their price- $24(Vanilla Truffle) and $8 (Revlon).  By the way Revlon's lipstick applies much smoother...Do you think they can be called dupes, too?

FOTD: Here are two pictures of Elf's Peaceful Pink lip balm on me. I'm also wearing some eyeshadows from my Coastal Scents' Warm palette and Lancome Drama mascara. It has dried a little, so it applies much easier now and the results are better : it doesn't do much for lengthening, but it adds pretty impressive volume without being clumpy.

And do you like nude lipsticks? If yes, what are they? :)


  1. You look gorgeous in nude colours :)

  2. are elf cosmetics good? I was thinking about ordering some, too, but i'm not so sure about the quality...
    btw, are you polish or something? because you really look like :)

  3. Also looking for such a bright lipstick;)

  4. Thanks, BB!
    Steffi, I don't really know elf cosmetics that much, I only have their bronzer(which is an amazing highlighter,I love it!),some brushes from the studio line(good quality, very soft) and that lipbalm. They also sent me Brightening Eye Color eyeshadows, which were of very poor quality-not pigmented and powdery...
    No, I'm Russian, but you were quite close :)

  5. looks good on you:)

  6. your blog is so cute! the colors look great on you :)))) please check out my makeup blog too when you have a moment <3


  7. Nice color. :))You look gorgeous..

    I love your blog, sweetie. I'm following, follow back?