Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My first post..

Hello! I'm new to this site and have never had a blog in my life. So, I don't really know "the rules", but I'll try to post something interesting. Don't judge me too strictly :)
To begin with I'd like to tell you that I have recently(6 months ago) moved to the US from Russia and so far I like this country..Maybe it will sound funny, but for me the most marked difference between these 2 countries, except for their geographical and visual differences of course, is price. Price of food,clothes,electronics and so on. And strange as it may seem prices are higher in the country with a lower living standard, I mean in Russia. When I came to the US, I was amazed at how cheap everything was. I wanted to buy everything!!! haha! It's hilarious how I could buy stuff of such poor quality for such high prices in Russia...I mean..poor Russian people! Moreover, if you want to buy an item of a well-known and high-end brand in Russia,it's really easy to be scammed and buy a fake product when buying from a street vendor, so it's important to go shopping to a big center where you can find stuff which is two or three times more expensive than in the US (and I'm sure in Europe too). Many Russians go on shopping tours to different countries in order to buy clothes and other stuff cheaper(insane,right?) And as for.the second difference, for me it is cleanness of streets in America and the opposite in Russia. But you have probably known that already. However, I love my native country, I'm a big patriot :) Nothing will compare with its nature and width of the Russian soul! And what do you think about Russia??
Moscow Kremlin


  1. да не все у нас так плохо) а вот про цены соглашусь:D

  2. не все,не все:)мне например нравится российская система здравохранения..

  3. о даа)грэйт патриот)ахаха)
    ладно...цены и правда у вас маленькие..

  4. Hi! Thankyou for following my blog, it is difficult to get started so I'm very grateful for your support. Your blog look really interesting, I have followed :) xxx

  5. you are welcome! yes,it is,I understand you. Thank you for following me too! :)

  6. One of my biggest dreams is to visit Russia and travel all around it, as well as visit Belarus!
    I don't know how is it in America, but here in the UK - Scotland especially the weather is so cold as r the ppl to some extent. Wanting to make friends and being friendly and overall polite r 2 hugely different things. My homeland Bulgaria is part of the concept Eastern Europe, with all of the flaws of the East - low standard of living, ill maintained roads and streets...and incomparably beautiful nature, temperament people and real - delicious food - fruits and vegetables,not made out of plastic as in Germany and the UK. Ah its wonderful to travel the world, what you see yourself is often omitted in books and movies. :))