Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My new bag and the look of the day!

Hello! I've recently been to Macy's-was looking for presents for my family and dropped in at their bag department. I wasn't going to buy anything...and then I found a handbag that I really liked. It was perfect: neutral color, middle size, genuine leather..Except for the tag haha. The original price was 150 dollars, but then I noticed that it was at a discount of 30%! I didn't even think - I took it and made my way to the cash register. When the cashier scanned it she told me there was in fact sale 75% off the original price!!!Why?They were just trying to sell out their winter collection. I bought a genuine leather bag for only 42 dollars!Haha, I should be getting used to American sales. Don't think that I'm crazy, indeed, you can't buy a genuine leather bag for such a price in Russia..even if there is a sale. So, here it is, my new love :)
Tignanello handbag

I also took some pictures for you to see how it looks with my jeans outfit. I'm sure it will look good with any color and style clothes.I added my favorite leopard print scarf just for an accent. (I also have leopard print tights which I love and will definitely show them to you one day!)

My favorite Victoria's Secret jeans!


  1. сумка шикарная....я так подумала...за ту цену, за которую ты купила, у нас и из искусственной кожи то не купишь...еще шарф отпадный и ремешочек тоже милый..ну а ты потрясающая)

  2. Love that bag! That style never goes out :)

  3. Мне очень нравится шарф)Я бы себе такой тоже прикупила)
    Сумка отлично сочетается с твоим ремешком!Поздравляю с удачной покупкой!:)