Friday, August 31, 2012

Anticipating the Fall

Fall is my favorite season. I love how it gets cooler, but not colder yet. It is still sunny and all the colorful leaves are everywhere, which makes you happy. I know that it's still summer according to the calender, but I just can't wait to welcome my favorite season and to be able to wear my beloved boots and coats.
It was very sunny but cool that day, so I decided to hurry the fall to come by wearing warmer clothes and boots.
Jacket: H&M, Jeggings: GAP, Tee: Victoria's Secret, Boots: Enzo Angiolini, Bag: Coach

And what's your favorite season? Are you excited for the upcoming fall? What are your favorite things to wear in fall?

A Trip to the Coast

I love everything about the ocean - the beach, seafood, sunrises and sunsets reflecting on the water, slowly walks along the shore, shells...
I had been waiting for this trip for a very long time, and finally we did it!Although it was my third time on the beach, it still was very exciting and breathtaking. The only thing that disappointed me was the weather - it was nice and sunny, although cold, on the first day, but got extremely cold and rainy the next day, so we had to leave early. But anyway, I enjoyed every minute of staying there and I just wanted to share with you guys some pictures that we took there.

And do you like resting at the beach?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Indian Tune

I am not that into theme outfits nor anything Indian, but this look turned out very Indian-looking, which I didn't even expect. I guess it's due to the combination of the colors and the dress itself as it has cut-out and braided elements. Overall, I liked how all the items that I used for the creation of this look went so well together, and I hope you will like it too.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Since neutral colors are my favorite, I wear them even during summertime. I don't think they are boring, especially if you choose suitable accessories and combine the colors correctly. Anyway, this was my look for today.
Blouse - no name, jeans - Victoria's Secret, belt - GAP, shoes - Elie Tahari, bag - Calvin Klein, necklace - Alfani, watch - Bulova.   

What do you think of this outfit? 

Our Trip to the Countryside

I like living in the city, but I also love beautiful nature and fresh air of the countryside. So I'd like to share with you guys some random pictures I took on my trip. I hope you will like them!

Great view

County fair

Mike got me another bracelet!

Got a little tan

Lost 4.5 lbs in 3 weeks

Started a new book

I love bunnies!!!

Still learning how to drive lol

The passenger

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And how is your summer going?