Sunday, May 15, 2011

My thoughts on Eurovision

Hi everyone!Watching Eurovision every year became a tradition for me. This year was not an exception, despite the fact that the US channels don't broadcast it. I'm so glad that nowadays you can find almost every show online! I even sometimes watch Russian shows online, and that makes me so happy!
So well, I'm going to talk about Eurovision itself and of course its results. I really didn't like Russia's representative..he didn't have a good voice, and all in all, his performance was not outstanding. I know, I know I should be a patriot and support my country, but I just can't lie to myself. If I don't like someone's voice I'm not going to vote for them no matter what. Maybe I'm too strict about that because I myself used to take vocal classes, I don't know.
As for the winner- frankly I didn't even pay attention for Azerbaijan's performance at the beginning. I mean it was not better than 20 others. For me, there were about 3-4 really catchy songs and I thought people would have voted for them..for example those gnomes from Moldova or the funny twins from Ireland. I personally was a fan of the Ukrainian singer. She was so beautiful, her voice was very strong and the performance was very interesting- remember the lady that made pictures out of sand??
Here are my favorite performances:

Have you watched Eurovision this year? What do you think about it? Whom did you like and whom you didn't?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our trip to Portland, OR

   Hello everyone!How are you today? ..Yesterday we came back from Portland,and...I've fallen in love with this city! In fact I've been there a couple times already, but that was during the winter, and now, when the sun is shining and everything is in bloom, it looks different, more beautiful and interesting! It looks a little like Moscow, but more modern I think? It's a huge city with many bridges,embankments,parks and shopping malls(quite important for me haha). Portland is also called "the city of roses", because there are several rose gardens. And, of course, there are flowers everywhere! We went to Waterfront Park and took some pictures there..

me posing..

Mike <3

Marriott Hotel


bike cop haha

 And one more picture, that is from's an aerial tram which I actually saw from the car and thought it was interesting, because I've never seen such a thing in my life haha

Have you been to Portland, or would you like to visit it someday?:)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Nude lipsticks by Revlon and Estee Lauder and FOTD

Yes, again, nude lipsticks. I can't help buying them :) Well, I've heard a lot about Revlon Soft Nude lipstick, and finely decided to give it a try. I also bought Elf lip balm in Peaceful Pink, and I didn't expect it to be that pretty! I like it so much !

Revlon Colorstay lipstick in Soft Nude
The lipstick is very creamy, pigmented and appears the same color on my lips as it is in the tube. Though I thought it would be a little more pinky.. But, fortunately,  it looks quite nice on me, and it doesn't wash me out. (I'm NC15 in MAC)

Elf Lip Balm SPF 15 in Peaceful Pink
 The packaging of this balm is HUGE! And it's heavy. But for me these are the only cons.

As for the pros, it's very smooth, creamy, moisturizing, pigmented and glossy. The next good thing is that it's not sticky at all! I also love the color I got - I can describe it as delicate pink. And I like the smell of it too - it smells like coconuts and vanilla to me. I'm planning on buying more colors from this line, they are only 3 dollars!

Left-Right: Soft Nude, Peaceful Pink

Here is Revlon Soft Nude on my lips
 I also ordered Estee Lauder Pure Color lipstick in Vanilla Truffle as I've heard a lot about it too. Actually I wanted to buy it long ago, but it was out of stock on their site, but now they released it again as a part of the limited edition line. I received it yesterday, and I noticed that it looks like Revlon's Soft Nude lipstick, I made their swatches so you can compare them by yourself.

 The packaging is very nice - it looks very high-end and I like how it shows the color underneath!
It applies very pigmented,creamy and it doesn't contain shimmer.
Estee Lauder Pure Color lipstick in Vanilla Truffle

from left to right: Estee Lauder Vanilla Truffle, Revlon Soft Nude

In my opinion, Soft Nude is a little more orange while Vanilla Truffle is more pink. But they are of the same intensity and on my lips the look absolutely the same! The main difference is their price- $24(Vanilla Truffle) and $8 (Revlon).  By the way Revlon's lipstick applies much smoother...Do you think they can be called dupes, too?

FOTD: Here are two pictures of Elf's Peaceful Pink lip balm on me. I'm also wearing some eyeshadows from my Coastal Scents' Warm palette and Lancome Drama mascara. It has dried a little, so it applies much easier now and the results are better : it doesn't do much for lengthening, but it adds pretty impressive volume without being clumpy.

And do you like nude lipsticks? If yes, what are they? :)

Rainy,rainy days...

It rains almost every day here, all day long! And even if it's sunny it's still cold,because of the cold wind coming from the ocean...When is it going to warm up??I want it to be real warm spring already! But I'm glad that at least everything is in bloom now!

Have you ever been to Yogurt Extreme? I love their frozen yogurts so much!Especially because you can add whatever you like into them!Yes, I like Reese's peanut butter cups as you can see haha :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

My new sandals! :D

Hey everyone! It's been quite warm outside recently, so I had to buy something for summer. I don't have really comfortable summer shoes(I usually wear pumps or wedges), so for me this "shoe" purchase was necessary:) And what can I say.. I'm so glad I have found and bought these sandals! Earlier I could not imagine that shoes can be SO comfortable!They are light as feathers and besides that, they feel so soft!!!I can not express how much I am in love with them!Anyway, I'll let you have a look :)

 Well, as you can see they are so unique and elegant!They look amazing with jeans as well as with dresses and skirts! I like that they are such a neutral color (though there were bright coral and black ones). They are also made of genuine leather, and, as I've already said, they are SO incredibly soft and light!

I always have a hard time finding shoes that would fit my very narrow feet, but these fit me perfectly, both in width and height. They have back zipper closure, but there is leather lining underneath, so it won't hurt your feet. And, if you're interested, they are Nine West and I bought them in Nordstrom.

Digressing from the topic, we saw a really impudent squirrel in the parking lot near the store! It probably was expecting us to feed it, but we used that chance to take a picture of it. So, here it is, the posing squirrel :D

I love these little creatures so much!!And I'm glad there is plenty of them here in Oregon.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

10 things that may look good on other people, but I'll never wear myself.

  1. Ruffle dresses - not my style-too girly for me   
2. Feather earrings - not my style

3. Red lipstick - looks harsh on me

4. Costume jewelery - don't have a talent for combining them with clothes and it looks cheap to me

5. Fake tan - just not right, so unnatural

6. Black net tights- looks trashy...

7. Frivolous hair accessories - just don't look good on me 

 8. Over-the-knee boots - make me look shorter

9. Very long fingernails - look messy and uncomfortable

10. Casual maxi dresses - are intended for tall women, which I'm not :)

And what won't you ever wear? Please, share!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guerlain Meteorites Compact review

This is a review on Guerlain's Meteorites compact pressed powder. Everyone knows their famous Meteorites pearls in a jar. Some people adore them, some people regret buying them, especially since they are so expensive. I, personally, would not buy Meteorites as they don't have a super-visible effect on the skin,they are more like a finishing stroke in a make-up routine. As for my Meteorites compact, I got it as a present about 3 or 4 months ago, so here are my thoughts:
The powder claims to be illuminating and mattifying. Also,it perfects skin tone, as well as the original Meteorites pearls, though in the latter you can see the balls of different colors, while in this compact they are kinda pressed and look like a single color, miracle! haha
It comes in a velvet pouch, which is very elegant. Also, as soon as you open the box, you can smell Guerlain's signature scent of violets. I adore it!

            The case itself is made of dark metal and has an ornament on the top, such a unique design!

The powder has that mosaic engraving too. My shade is 01 Teint Rose. By the way it's not pink at all if someone thought so,it's a true ivory shade.

Here is a swatch on my finger. You can barely see it, it is that translucent. It is definitely not a compact foundation. I put it over my foundation and it has a very natural, yet luminous finish. I would call the effect it gives me "airbrushed". It is not powdery at all, it's very finely milled and does not contain any shiny particles. I did notice that it mattifies my skin, I don't get shiny with this powder at all, even after 8 hours!All in all it's a great finishing powder, but don't expect much from it. I'm not sure if I would spend 60 dollars on it... as if I buy an expensive makeup product, I want it to make a big difference on me.

And what do you think about Guerlain's Meteorites? Did or do you have them in either form?