Sunday, April 24, 2011

10 things that may look good on other people, but I'll never wear myself.

  1. Ruffle dresses - not my style-too girly for me   
2. Feather earrings - not my style

3. Red lipstick - looks harsh on me

4. Costume jewelery - don't have a talent for combining them with clothes and it looks cheap to me

5. Fake tan - just not right, so unnatural

6. Black net tights- looks trashy...

7. Frivolous hair accessories - just don't look good on me 

 8. Over-the-knee boots - make me look shorter

9. Very long fingernails - look messy and uncomfortable

10. Casual maxi dresses - are intended for tall women, which I'm not :)

And what won't you ever wear? Please, share!


  1. точно против суперзагара, колготок в сетку и накладных ногтей!! смотрится ужасно, если не уметь всем этим аккуратно пользоваться)

  2. +1
    но длинные платья мне нравятся)

  3. Ew you're so right on those nails... they make me cringe!