Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guerlain Meteorites Compact review

This is a review on Guerlain's Meteorites compact pressed powder. Everyone knows their famous Meteorites pearls in a jar. Some people adore them, some people regret buying them, especially since they are so expensive. I, personally, would not buy Meteorites as they don't have a super-visible effect on the skin,they are more like a finishing stroke in a make-up routine. As for my Meteorites compact, I got it as a present about 3 or 4 months ago, so here are my thoughts:
The powder claims to be illuminating and mattifying. Also,it perfects skin tone, as well as the original Meteorites pearls, though in the latter you can see the balls of different colors, while in this compact they are kinda pressed and look like a single color, miracle! haha
It comes in a velvet pouch, which is very elegant. Also, as soon as you open the box, you can smell Guerlain's signature scent of violets. I adore it!

            The case itself is made of dark metal and has an ornament on the top, such a unique design!

The powder has that mosaic engraving too. My shade is 01 Teint Rose. By the way it's not pink at all if someone thought so,it's a true ivory shade.

Here is a swatch on my finger. You can barely see it, it is that translucent. It is definitely not a compact foundation. I put it over my foundation and it has a very natural, yet luminous finish. I would call the effect it gives me "airbrushed". It is not powdery at all, it's very finely milled and does not contain any shiny particles. I did notice that it mattifies my skin, I don't get shiny with this powder at all, even after 8 hours!All in all it's a great finishing powder, but don't expect much from it. I'm not sure if I would spend 60 dollars on it... as if I buy an expensive makeup product, I want it to make a big difference on me.

And what do you think about Guerlain's Meteorites? Did or do you have them in either form?


  1. i love guerlain's mosiac bronzer. You kind of have to pack it on for it to show but it gives a beautiful soft focus like effect, It's $50 so im not sure i would purchase again. I do love it though so I use it spraringly.

  2. I see,yes,it's quite an expensive brand... I heard very good things about their new bronzer that's called 4 seasons,as I remember.

  3. я хочу себе метеориты компактные, но не такие, а в пластмассовой упаковке, и внутри у них разные цвета :)
    я вчера попробовала их у Наргиз, мне очень понравилось, как на мне смотрятся они :)

  4. да??я как-то про них даже ничего не слышалa. сфоткайся в блог как они на тебе смотрятся:)