Monday, April 18, 2011

My daily moisturizers: Melvita, L'oreal, Neutrogena.

Hello again! Today I'm going to talk about my moisturizers that I use on a daily basis. I have four of them and switch them every two or three days, so my skin will not get used to one of them. You know, if this happens, your skin can become lazy and then it will not protect itself naturally (That's why it's really bad to start using anti-aging products on young skin, unless you already have wrinkles). So, here are some pictures of my moisturizers. I will leave short reviews for each of them, so you can decide which one(s) might suit you.
Melvita Rose Nectar day cream and Perfecting cream

Well, these moisturizers are both by Melvita, which is a natural/organic cosmetics brand. Rose Nectar cream is intended for sensitive skin, it has several natural ingredients, like Moroccan, Iranian rose, hip oil and rose seed milk that help to repair, soothe, rejuvenate and revitalize skin. 99.68% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. You can look up more detailed description on Melvita's site. About the consistency - it's quite thick, so I use it as a night cream. It definitely cannot be used under makeup unless you have very dry skin. On me it does not absorb quickly.. It's very moisturizing and after applying it my face feels like velvet. The most incredible thing about this cream is its scent. I can't describe how deeply I am in love with it! It smells like million fresh garden roses! I love rose scents, I had several really good department store rose fragrances, but none of them can compare with the amazing fragrance of this cream!
The next cream is Perfecting cream, which I bought in order to get rid of the redness on my face. Well, it accomplished its task quite well! Partly because of its green color I guess. It's also marked as anti-acne cream and has AHAs (fruit acids), which is great! It moisturizes, renews and protects skin thanks to many natural ingredients, like birch sap, linseed, goji berries, raspberry pip oil, green tea, yoghurt and chicory. It's suited for oily and combination skin as it is sebum-regulating and non-comedogenic. It's very thin in consistency and dries to a matte finish when applied. I use it under makeup and it works well! Usually if a cream is "perfecting" or "radiant", it contains shimmery particles in it, but this one doesn't, which I'm very happy about! 98.2% of the total ingredients in this cream are from natural origin. I think that's why it has such a strong grass-like smell. It's not very pleasant, but I don't mind scents, and it disappears after I put it on. I like the performance of this cream a lot, it seemed to help me with pimples and redness.
Rose nectar is on top and Perfecting cream is at the bottom
As for their cost, Rose Nectar is $42.00 and Perfecting cream is $29.00 and you can order them from Melvita's site.

Anyway, here are my other two creams:
L'oreal Skin Genesis and Neutrogena oil-free moisture SPF 35

L'oreal Skin Genesis is not quite a moisturizer, it's more like a base, as it claims to be pore-minimizing skin re-smoother. The consistency of it is very thin and the cream itself has a light fresh fragrance. Sometimes I use it as a makeup base, it  helps to make the surface of my skin very smooth. As for its pore-minimizing quality-I don't really  know, because my pores are already quite small. But what I noticed - it clogs them a little, but not as bad as L'oreal True Match foundation did haha. So, I use it sometimes, especially when I don't use my foundation, I just apply this and some powder on top.
Neutrogena oil-free moisture is my latest purchase, and I'm very happy with it! I had been looking for a good moisturizer with SPF for a long time and I found this! What I like about it : it's oil free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and alcohol-free. It has a scent the same as ordinary spf-creams do. It's I would say of medium thickness, but it absorbs quickly and leaves my face matte and velvety-soft. I use it under makeup and it does not make me oily throughout the day,so I think it's suitable for oily and combination skin. Here are the swatches:
Top: L'oreal, bottom : Neutrogena

I don't remember the cost of the L'oreal cream and Neutrogena costs about $12-14.
Reviewing cosmetic products I don't mean their advertisement, I just want to share my opinion and my personal thoughts with you :)
I hope this helped you! And what are your favorite moisturizers/creams?


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