Monday, April 25, 2011

My new sandals! :D

Hey everyone! It's been quite warm outside recently, so I had to buy something for summer. I don't have really comfortable summer shoes(I usually wear pumps or wedges), so for me this "shoe" purchase was necessary:) And what can I say.. I'm so glad I have found and bought these sandals! Earlier I could not imagine that shoes can be SO comfortable!They are light as feathers and besides that, they feel so soft!!!I can not express how much I am in love with them!Anyway, I'll let you have a look :)

 Well, as you can see they are so unique and elegant!They look amazing with jeans as well as with dresses and skirts! I like that they are such a neutral color (though there were bright coral and black ones). They are also made of genuine leather, and, as I've already said, they are SO incredibly soft and light!

I always have a hard time finding shoes that would fit my very narrow feet, but these fit me perfectly, both in width and height. They have back zipper closure, but there is leather lining underneath, so it won't hurt your feet. And, if you're interested, they are Nine West and I bought them in Nordstrom.

Digressing from the topic, we saw a really impudent squirrel in the parking lot near the store! It probably was expecting us to feed it, but we used that chance to take a picture of it. So, here it is, the posing squirrel :D

I love these little creatures so much!!And I'm glad there is plenty of them here in Oregon.

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