Sunday, May 15, 2011

My thoughts on Eurovision

Hi everyone!Watching Eurovision every year became a tradition for me. This year was not an exception, despite the fact that the US channels don't broadcast it. I'm so glad that nowadays you can find almost every show online! I even sometimes watch Russian shows online, and that makes me so happy!
So well, I'm going to talk about Eurovision itself and of course its results. I really didn't like Russia's representative..he didn't have a good voice, and all in all, his performance was not outstanding. I know, I know I should be a patriot and support my country, but I just can't lie to myself. If I don't like someone's voice I'm not going to vote for them no matter what. Maybe I'm too strict about that because I myself used to take vocal classes, I don't know.
As for the winner- frankly I didn't even pay attention for Azerbaijan's performance at the beginning. I mean it was not better than 20 others. For me, there were about 3-4 really catchy songs and I thought people would have voted for them..for example those gnomes from Moldova or the funny twins from Ireland. I personally was a fan of the Ukrainian singer. She was so beautiful, her voice was very strong and the performance was very interesting- remember the lady that made pictures out of sand??
Here are my favorite performances:

Have you watched Eurovision this year? What do you think about it? Whom did you like and whom you didn't?


  1. I've seen eurovision a few years ago, I really love watching European TV. When I was little I would go to my mom's Turkish friend's house and watch Turkish tv for hours. I loved it :)

  2. ooooyyy i'm going to get you:)))
    мне понравилась наша песня, но выступление было не очень..

  3. Nice post.. :)) Thanks for sharing!