Friday, June 29, 2012

My Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes: Inglot and UD Naked

I don't have very many eyeshadow palettes. Actually I think I have only three, which sounds like few, but I believe if they are quite big and if you truly like them, that's enough to create numerous looks. These two palettes are my favorite as I love all the neutral colors they have and the fact that they can be used for creating both, day and night looks.
Inglot 10 eyeshadow palette and Urban Decay Naked

The palettes are similar; however, I find that Naked is warmer in tone than my Inglot palette. I chose the colors of the latter myself as Inglot has a "freedom system," meaning that you can build your own palette of 2 to 20 colors.
The quality of the palettes is amazing. The colors are extremely pigmented and smooth in texture. However the texture of the Inglot eyeshadows is more buttery and softer than that of the Naked palette, which is a little drier, but still is silky smooth.
Urban Decay Naked palette swatches
 My favorite colors from the Naked palette are the first two from the left, and the third and the fourth from the right. I use them the most.
Inglot 10 neutral eyeshadow palette; left to right: # 409, 402, 342, 358, 387, 395, 397, 399, 420, 441
Here my favorites are #402, 395, 397, 399 and 420. I also use # 342  for my eyebrows.

And what are your favorite eyeshadow palettes? Do you prefer neutral or bright colors on your eyes?


  1. I just bought the Naked Palette this weekend from Sephora. Normally I feel like I can buy most makeup at drugstores - especially eyeshadow. But I've used Naked so many times that I feel like it is time to own my own palette. I REALLY love how versatile the colors are and unlike other palettes, every.single.color in Naked works on me. I'm glad we both like Naked!

  2. I'm glad that you liked it! As some people find it too warm. I personally think it's neutral and great for everyday use!