Friday, June 22, 2012

Nice Evening

I got a bike about 3-4 months ago, but didn't have enough time to ride it around the town. But the end of the school year gave me an opportunity to do that, which I am very happy about. I love cycling, especially in the evening, when it's cool and you can enjoy the sunset.

Riding a bike can also also help you burn calories, which is nice if you are trying to lose weight, as I am, lol. What's also exciting is that you can explore new places...I didn't even know that there was a rose garden in this town!

And do you like riding a bike? Where do you usually go?


  1. Unfortunately, My bike is in Sochi now. but I'd love to ride it too.
    an I'am in love with your bracelet :)


  2. take me to Sochi =)))))thanks!

  3. I've been wanting to get a bike for a while now, but then I remind myself of the 90* weather we have down here and quickly change my mind lol


    1. lol true, but on the other hand you can tan (or burn lol) quickly when it's that hot! I wish Oregon weather would be better during the summer.

  4. I like your blog so much! keep posting! would you like to follow each other?

  5. sure, just followed you there! and thanks on your nice comment!your blog is great :)